Download Adriatic-Route Applications for iPhone , Android and Windows Phone.

Adriatic Route represents a project that is based on the use of new ICT (information and communication technologies) as well as on the promotion
of awareness and enhancement of the territory in culture and multimedia. It aims at promoting alternative forms of tourism in the Adriatic area
through multimodal transport systems.

For each of the above points a brief description is provided , multimedia (photos, videos, 360 photo),
viewing points on “offline” map where the article can be geo-referenced, and providing advice to the
user, routing him to the desired point of interest. Finally Adriatic Route enables the user to share these POIs to the most
well-known social media.

Summing app the user of our application can do the following:

View points of interest on online map.

Choose to see only points of interest that are less than 30km away.

Choose to see Point of interest through our Augmented reality functionality

Update content when it becomes outdated.

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