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Featured Padoa – Italy

Padoa – Italy

Museum of the Risorgimento and the Contemporary Age

45.407146, 11.876872
Hosted in the rooms of Caffè Pedrocchi’s Piano Nobile, the Museum documents facts and protagonists of a century and a half of paduan and national history, from the decline of the Venetian Republic (1797) to…

Palazzo Zuckermann

45.411458, 11.878378
Zuckermann Palace, recently restored, is home of two important collections: the Applied and Decorative Arts Museum and Bottacin Museum. More than two thousand items including glass, carvings, ceramics, silver, jewellery, ivories, textiles and furniture make…

The Tomb of Antenor

45.405909, 11.878195
In 1274, during the construction of a foundlings’ home in San Biagio street, it was found a funerary coffer with two cypress and lead coffins containing human remains with a sword and two pots of…

Palazzo della Ragione

45.407251, 11.875256
The Palazzo della Ragione, built in 1218 and raised in 1306 by Giovanni degli Eremitani, has been the seat of the city courts until 1797. The upper floor is occupied by one of the largest…

Prato della Valle

45.399436, 11.877296
Prato della Valle is one of the biggest squares in Europe (about 90,000 mq). Andrea Memmo, administrator of the Serenissima in Padua in 1775, transformed, in a very short time, the center of Prato della…
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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism