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Veraja winery

43.034265, 17.631654
Few years ago family Veraja was the first one in the Neretva valley which began with intensive production of grapes and wine in their own cellars. That broke the previous belief that low-lying parts of…

Rizman winery

42.959062, 17.530435
The Rizman winery once again started its production in 2006, skipping an entire generation of the Štimac family. A new vineyard was planted in new locations, the necessary infrastructure was built and a completely new…

Prović winery

43.004952, 17.554991
Family winery and cellar which are the part of the hotel Merlot in Opuzen tell a story that pervades through this family since 1982. It is the story of a wine with character, tastes and…

Antunović winery

43.152086, 17.453638
In the traditional renovated house with the wine cellar and tasting room, owner of the family farm household offers local wines and dishes. As an addition to tasting is possible to arrange a tour of the largest…

Fig production and tasting Ostojić

43.076485, 17.437866
Meet the eco-products of the family farm Ostojic whose guarantor of quality are long-standing family tradition, controlled production and technical knowledge. They are specialized for the production of dried figs. They also offer fig jam,…

Lopoč restaurant

43.050032, 17.592558
In the heart of the valley, in a gentle and rich oasis, on the old Napoleon road to Vrgorac, in Momići, lies the Lopoč (Lotus), restaurant with symbolic name (Neretva marsh flower). In this picturesque…

Đuđa i Mate Tavern

43.077475, 17.622020
In the quiet luxurious oasis of the green and blue Norina, on the central square (Forum) ancient Roman Narona in Vid is situated restaurant-pension "Đuđa & Mate". It is harmonious blend of indigenous and contemporary…
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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism