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Serda - Bosnia

National park park Sutjeska – Tjentište

43.346697, 18.690971
National Park Sutjeska is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina which since its founding in 1962 has been a tourist attraction. ‘Sutjeska’ is considered the pearl of BIH for its natural…


43.796718, 18.478626
Trebevic is the closest Olympic Mountain to the city. As such, Trebevic has been one of the favorite local outdoor spots accessible by cable-car in only 12 minutes. During the Winter Olympics in 1984 it…


43.739369, 18.563127
Jahorina Mountain is a very attractive location for all types of tourism with great offerings for the top sportsmen, recreation lovers, hunters, mountaineers and all those whose senses want to enjoy the tranquillity and the…

Dariva Promenade

43.857015, 18.448043
Dariva Promenade is a walking and recreational area running along the 8 km-trail of the Miljacka River from Vijecnica (Town Hall) to Kozija cuprija (Goat's Bridge). On the trail, visitors will come across the Babin…

Skakavac Waterfall

43.948714, 18.448784
Skakavac Waterfall is located only 12 km from Sarajevo at the foot of the Bukovik Peak (1534m) on the slopes of Mt. Ozren. This 98-m tall waterfall is the second tallest in Europe. The waterfall…

Čavljak and Barice

43.890708, 18.440907
Čavljak and Barice are outdoor spots located 9 km from the city center. Cavljak extends towards Bukovik, Crepoljsko and the Skakavac Waterfall. Both are ideal for a family day out, lunch or recreational activities.

Park šuma Mojmilo

43.835470, 18.356131
Some of the features of the park are: Arboretum, walking and specific horticultural moment, Eco-house (where you can have free coffee and enjoy the view), two children's playgrounds, jogging trails, an amphitheater for education in…

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism