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Featured Dunea – Croatia

Dunea – Croatia

Photosafari Vila Neretva

43.017571, 17.590387
Hotel – restaurant Villa Neretva offers an unforgettable experience to all their guests – a photo safari through the Valley of Neretva. A trip through the effluents and canals of the River Neretva is a…

Photosafari Izleti Zajasen

43.073831, 17.414986
"Zajasen" organizes tours on Bacina Lakes by traditional, old up to 120 years, Neretva boat, and serves traditional dishes and drinks. On the property there is a fully-equipped area for the reception of guests. There…

Photosafari Sedam jezera

43.068929, 17.415633
Woven of seven beautiful lakes, Bacina Lakes are situated nearby the town of Ploče. These seven lakes are relatively small (138 hectare), but are one of the most interesting phenomena of karst hydrography. The Seven…

Photosafari Narona

43.087095, 17.618766
Photo safari Narona offers excursions by Neretva boat through the peaceful flows of river Norin, where according to the wishes of the guests the food can be served. In the offer there is a trip…

Photosafari Lopoč

43.056117, 17.588726
Photo safari Lopoc organizes excursions, symbolically called "Green River-Lost City" , in to the swamp in the old Neretva boats and beautiful spring of river Norin. Picnic on the island in the heart of the…

Photosafari Kuti

42.956401, 17.615030
Photo safari resort Kuti on the same named lake provides a unique and unforgettable experience of driving in a traditional Neretva boat. Kuti Lake is one of the last surviving authentic European wetlands. Tasting local…

Photosafari Đuđa i Mate

43.072282, 17.620871
By welcoming the tourists, at the terrace of Đuđa and Mate restaurant, a unique experience of photosafari by traditional Neretva boat begins. Hosts serve homemade brandy with seasonal fruit. During the ride in the boat…

Photosafari Adria

D9 959, 20350, Metković, Κροατία
Neretva valley with its delta is one of the last swamp in the Mediterranean. It is the Croatian national treasure. The jewel in the crown is the lake Kuti with its variety of flora and…

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