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Monastery of Kipina


Dedicated to the Assumption of the Theotokos, it is located near the village of Kalarrytes, built on a rocky stiff cliff, over Kalarrytikos river.

The name “Kipina» was given, according to one version, because of the gardens (kipoi in Greek) cultivated by the monks.

Access to the monastery, which is open to visitors, is provided via a small path, carved into the rock and continues with a wooden bridge, which leads to the outbuildings of the monastery.

Tradition has it that the monastery was founded in the late Byzantine period.

The katholikon of the monastery is inside a natural small cave, the rock of which was suitably carved and constitutes its dome. It is a single-aisled basilica of small dimensions with a narthex.

The interior is decorated with wall paintings dating back to the late 17th century – beginning of the 18th century. The wall paintings are distinguished for the interesting iconographic sequence with the beautiful representations and the variety of colors.

The iconostasis is carved and gilded.

The cells with wooden extensions on the vertical rock create an exceptional architectural complex fully harmonized with the wild landscape.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism