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Featured Padoa - Italy

Padoa - Italy

Valle Millecampi: where the land meets the sea

45.267058, 12.152069
Valle Millecampi, with its 1608 hectares is an extraordinary example of the lagoon environment and landscape with peripheral freshwater channels, brackish water, salt marshes and a country hinterland planted with cereals and vegetables. To admire…

Rose garden of Santa Giustina

45.393947, 11.878329
The rose garden, designed as a learning path, allows visitors to immerse themselves in a multitude of colors and smells organized by sections: - Sensory space (sight, touch, smell, taste); - The rose history path…

Park Swamp of Onara

45.625275, 11.818221
The Marsh Onara originates from cold resurgence springs that flow from the ground. The water comes from groundwater, through sand and gravel carried by ancient glaciers (Wurm Glaciation), and goes back to the impermeable clay…

Wildlife Park of Valcorba

45.147596, 11.835310
The animals are the real stars, they live in extremely spacious and comfortable spaces, designed according to the needs of each individual species and are free to roam as they were in their natural environment.…

Park of Energie Rinnovabili Fenice

45.400069, 11.919231
The park is especially equipped for school teaching, workshops for children from kindergarten to secondary school. They also organize kids summer camps and open days for families. Parco Fenice is also scout camp with an…

Adventure Park the Fiorine

45.357542, 11.665163
The Park offers five different itineraries for all ages and athletic training. The activity takes place in complete safety as it has always harnessed and followed by qualified personnel. The first path is called "briefing"…

Conca di navigazione

45.291832, 11.787308
The navigation basin, built for craft not greater than 300 tons, measuring 40 meters long, 7,20 wide and 10,40 high, allows to overcome the jump of water (from 4 to 7 meters) between Battaglia and…
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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism