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Avel Monastery


It is located near the settlement of Vissani, in a wooded area called “Monastiria” (Monasteries).

The name, according to the prevailing view, comes from Averi, a local landowner, who funded its renovation just before 1770.

However, tradition has it that the monastery was founded by the monks of the Giourhan monastery which was at a close distance and was abandoned because of the raids.

The katholikon is a cross-in-square of the Mount Athos type with three-sided oblique spaces at the southern and northern sides. The dome is decorated with blind arches and a serrated band.

The interior is decorated with frescoes dating back to 1770, made by the painters Michael and Constantine from Chionades of Konitsa.

The iconostasis is more recent (19th century), carved, gilded, with similarities with the iconostasis of the church of Agios Nikolaos of Vissani.

The monastery had a large real estate and also maintained local schools.

Today, only the katholikon and the modern abbey are preserved.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism