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Cave in Predolac – Congeria center 0 5 0 0

Cave in Predolac – Congeria center


The initial research of the pit was conducted by biospeleologists in August 1965. They found a large colony of a rare cave shellfish Congeria kusceri in the pit’s underground lake. This is a live fossil and a relic from Tertiary, an endemic species of the Dinaric Alps and the only representative of its group which was widespread in the Tertiary, but all related species died out 5 million years ago. Immediately along the Pit, there is an educational centre where one can get to know all the values of this extraordinary speleological object, but also the underground in general, and it is situated almost in the very centre of the city.
Dubrovačka 77, 20350 Metković
Mob: +385 98 1744 999

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism