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Featured Padoa – Italy

Padoa – Italy

Scuola del Santo

45.400990, 11.879913
Home of St. Anthony’s Archconfraternity from 1427, the Scuola del Santo conserves frescoes of Venetian artists of the ' 500 with episodes that tell the life of the Saint and his works; between these there…

Oratory of St. George

45.400989, 11.879978
Erected in 1377 by Raimondino Lupi di Soragna as a family mausoleum, brave commander in the service of the Da Carrara, the oratory was completed in 1384. The architectural structure, with a barrel vault, as…

Baptistery of the Duomo

45.406790, 11.872030
Between the 1375 and the 1378, with a fine and elegant touch, Giusto de' Menabuoi decorated the entire Baptistery with a series dedicated to the most important episodes of the Old and New Testament, illustrating…

Abbey of Santa Giustina

45.396696, 11.878844
The basilica of S. Giustina, among the largest Christian churches in Europe, preserve in its inside the early christian chapel dedicated to s. Prosdocimo (end of the 5th century), the oldest sacred building of Padua…

Church of the Eremitani

45.410330, 11.879118
The present church has been built is 1276, as shown by a plaque inside, while the constitution of the St. Augustine Hermits order dates back to 1256, or according to some studies, in the 1237.…

Monastery of San Daniele – Abano Terme

45.344143, 11.765647
The original plant is from 1086, a work from the Benedictine monks of the Basilica of Santa Giustina of Padua. It was suppressed by decree of the Republic of Venice in 1771 and sold to…

Praglia Abbey – Teolo

45.363514, 11.735244
Founded in the eleventh century it has been erected in fief by Emperor Frederick II in the thirteenth century. Subsequently autonomous, then in commendation, and finally part of Santa Giustina it was suppressed in 1810…

Monastery of San Salvaro

45.204250, 11.407417
The monastic center of San Salvaro was built before 1100 in correspondence to Pietra del Fratta Bridge. It is located in a picturesque setting and in a lower Padua area, bordering with Verona, affected over…
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