Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism
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Oratory of St. George


Erected in 1377 by Raimondino Lupi di Soragna as a family mausoleum, brave commander in the service of the Da Carrara, the oratory was completed in 1384. The architectural structure, with a barrel vault, as well as the wonderful cycle of frescoes made by Altichiero Da Zevio between 1379 and 1384, remind to the Scrovegni Chapel.

Unlike the latter, however, in the St. George’s Oratory, everything is great: the spaces, the figures, the architecture and the natural elements that form the backdrop to the scene. The walls are decorated with the stories of the saints dear to the buyer family: St. Catherine d’Alessandria (right wall), St. Lucia (right wall bottom) and St. George (left wall).

In the counter and on the back wall above the altar, you can admire the scenes of the highlights from Christ’s life.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism