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Pedrocchi Cafè


Built thanks to the behest of the coffee-entrepreneur Antonio Pedrocchi, immediately became a famous haunt of students, professors and writers as well as artists and merchants.

The building has two floors: in the ground floor there is the cafeteria itself with various rooms that are named with the color of the upholstery and where there are some curiosities as the bullet stuck in a wall from the 8th February 1848 in the White Hall, or the plaque showing the introduction of the Stendhal’s Certosa di Parma, where the writer cites the famous Pedrocchi’s eggnog that he enjoyed during his visit in Padua.

The upper floor or Noble floor has a succession of rooms and halls including the beautiful Rossini Room or Dance Room, the Egyptian Room, the Roman Hall and so on.

Today the Noble plan houses the Risorgimento and Modern Age Museum which support through findings, in many cases unique, facts and protagonists of a century and a half of paduan and national history, from the decline of the Venetian Republic (1797) to the promulgation of the Republican Constitution (1848).

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism