Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism
Valle Millecampi: where the land meets the sea 0 5 0 0

Valle Millecampi: where the land meets the sea


Valle Millecampi, with its 1608 hectares is an extraordinary example of the lagoon environment and landscape with peripheral freshwater channels, brackish water, salt marshes and a country hinterland planted with cereals and vegetables.

To admire the waters expanse of Valle Millecampi we suggest a cycling route: it starts from 1,200 mt from the intersection of SS Romea Road with Pescatori Road, from Piove di Sacco to Chioggia, after turning left into Corte Fogolana road and after the first bridge over Canale Novissimo. Cross the next bridge and continue on the left channel. You reach the Ponte della Rotta with a slide for boats and continue in Cason delle Sacche road. When you have reached the dewatering, continue to the left along the lagoon area. You reach the Casone delle Sacche and continue along the Canale Scirocchetto. In Motta Scirocco you can go back to Novissimo bank and turn left back to the parking.


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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism