Region of Epirus – Greece (Lead partner of the project)

The Region of Epirus, one of Greece’s 13 administrative regions, is a single decentralized administrative unit with the power to ensure that the National Development Policy is implemented on a regional level. The Region of Epirus is consisted of 4 Regional Units out of which the Regional Unit of Thesprotia will participate in the project.

From a territorial point of view, Region of Epirus is a mountainous region that stretches from the western outskirts of Pindos and gradually reaches to the sea.

Among them we find small, narrow valleys, crossed by rivers Acheron and Kalamas.
The sun, the sea, the mountain scenery, history and tradition blend harmoniously and invite the visitor to get acquainted with this place from Sagiada until Acheron from Drepano to Sivota and Perdika, the mountains of Mourgana to the symbol of freedom Souli and tales.