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Valleremita – Hermitage of St. Maria of Valdisasso


The Valdisasso abbey is an antique Benedictine coenobium, which housed, according to tradition, St. Francesco d’Assisi (1210) in its passage in Fabriano, and which was later purchased by Chiavello Chiavelli and donated to the Friar Minors whom transformed it into one of the more famous Franciscan coenobium’s of the Marches. Inside the abbey is a valuable 19th century copy of the Valleromita Polyptych by Gentile da Fabriano, the original is maintained at the Brera Pinacoteca (art gallery of Brera). The abbey convey a somewhat undeniable charm, above all because of its position like an audacious and stupendous balcony overlooking the deep and narrow valley of Valleremita.The restoration and enhancement of the hermitage of “Sasso di Valleremita”, funded by The Marche Region, stems from several needs all of great social and cultural-historical relevance and it was made possible thanks to the combination of various public subjects and with the fundamental contribution of the community of the Order of Friars Minor who have always lived in the hotel and have made of it, over the centuries, one of the most important global centres of Franciscan spirituality. The works began in February 2012 and in two years have been restored and returned to the community 1,500 square metres of the original complex. Thanks to the excavations rooms and ancient walls and a fountain have been found. The Marche Region is aimed at creating a centre able to accommodate multiple functions: meetings; conferences and initiatives related to the promotion of culture and tourism of the area; welcoming of groups interested in learning about the monument and its historical-artistic-architectural value being it an important reality in the life of the Franciscans in the Marche area. A new way of dialogue between religious and lay people, open and respectful of the different identities. Fabriano is surrounded by lush landscapes and pristine nature that makes it a good example of a successful marriage between architecture and morphology of the place.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism