Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism
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There was once a city in which they moved on gondolas, sandoli, burci and mascarete plying gently internal channels transporting people and goods along the waterways in a continuous succession of bridges and beautiful homes.

This city, entirely covered by a nice shipping was not Venice but Padova that today rediscovers in its network of waterways the artistic, historical and natural territory.

The navigation in the heart of the city consideres a fascinating journey with its embarkation at Porte Contarine, inspired by the model of Leonardo da Vinci. Walk around the ancient Venetian Renaissance walls, from the monumental Bastion Castelnuovo with its water door, until the Portello. The latter was the ancient river port of Padua, docking point for all boats that connected the city to Venice lagoon. Porta Portello stands with the monumental portal in Istrian stone and its beautiful staircase of the sixteenth century (also painted on canvas by Canaletto).

On the way you pass the University campus and you can admired the former slaughterhouse, built in the nineteenth century by Jappelli. Not far away there are the gardens of the Roman Arena, which contain the valuable Cappella degli Scrovegni and the Chiesa degli Eremitani. It’s possible to book night excursions.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism