Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism
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The comune of Recanati lies on a ridge between the valleys of the rivers Potenza and Musone, offering a unique vantage-point over the gentle hills of the Macerata countryside with a view that stretches from the Sibillini mountains to the Adriatic sea. The town lives in the memory of Giacomo Leopardi, who was born here and described the town in his poems (“natìo borgo selvaggio”).

Famed for being the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi, apart from the fascinating places that are connected to the great poet’s life, it also offers a rich artistic, architectural and cultural heritage, that includes a large number of churches from various periods of history, elegant noble piazzas and fine museums, brought together within the delightful old town centre which is surrounded by ancient walls.

Leopardi Square hosts the monument to the poet, the Palazzo Comunale, the Persiani theatre with work by Beniamino Gigli. The nearby church of San Domenico has a fresco by Lorenzo Lotto. Palazzo Leopardi (XVIII), where the poet was born, is now a museum and literary park. Not far away is the National Centre for Leopardi Studies.


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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism