Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism
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Gazi Husrev-bey’s mosque


Gazi Husrev-bey’s mosque popularly known as the „Bey’s mosque“, erected in the centre of old part of the city is a superb example of the 16th Islamic architecture. It was built during the governorship of Gazi Husrev-bey (in 1530/31). Gazi Husrev-bey donated funds not only to building this mosque but. The complex reveals delicately balanced parts with early-Istanbul influence. The complex comprised of the mosque, fountain, Muslim primary school, harem, 45-m high minaret, observatory (muvekithana) and tombs of Husrev-bey and Murad-bey Tardic became the general form of building this are during the mid and late 16th century.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism