Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism
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In an area of ​​over 1500 acres is the Environmental Park Bourazani. Visitors can stay at the namesake hotel and admires six mammal species, which live and breed freely in the forest.

These animals once lived freely across the Balkan peninsula and even in large numbers. The merciless hunt however, the fragmentation of habitats and the ever increasing human activities, led large mammal populations in decline or extinction. Today in Wildlife Park are the following species: the big deer, the deer or bantam platoni, the ibex, the deer, the wild sheep and wild boar. The Park is open to the public and receives dozens of visitors daily.

The tour ends in the spacious and newly built premises of the Pavilion for Environmental Education and the interesting Museum of Natural History which presents species of flora and fauna of the region Bourazani – Aoos. Finally, the restaurant stands out with many local specialties and meat from wild animals of the farm. Most dishes are prepared with traditional recipes family Tassos. Even your adventures in the surrounding villages, you will find barbecues and excellent taverns.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism