Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism
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Basilica della S. Casa di Loreto


The town of Loreto has developed around the famous Basilica which houses the Holy House of Nazareth where, according to tradition, the Virgin Mary was born, lived and received the announcement of the miraculous birth of Jesus. When in 1291 the Muslims finally expelled the Christians from Jerusalem and then tried to regain Nazareth, a group of angels took her home and, after some wanderings, took her flight until Loreto.Per this reason, the Madonna of Loreto is venerated as the patron saint of aviators. The studies started since a few years after this event highlight, without a doubt, the origin of the House from Palestine, both for its architecture and for the use of construction materials, unknown to the territory of the Marche and instead used a lot to ‘era in the Holy Land. The House left Nazareth in 1291 and, after being transited for Dalmatia, remaining for about three years Trsat (now a district of the city of Rijeka in Croatia), came to Loreto on the night of December 9 and 10 of 1294. The Museum Art Gallery of the Holy House of Loreto, housed in the Apostolic Palace, contains paintings, sculptures, tapestries and ceramics from the Sanctuary and donated to the Santa House in the course of centuries. In the collection of paintings stand out the works of the late maturity of Lorenzo Lotto, who died at Loreto in 1556 ca. The Treasure of the Holy House includes valuable works of high jewelery, like the crucifix in silver shaped by Giambologna.

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Adriatic-Route for Thematic Tourism