Adriatic Route for Thematic Tourism: Steering Commitee Meeting in Ancona

On 6-7 July, the Steering Committee of IPA 2007-2013 CBC project Adriatic Route for Thematic Tourism will take place at Expo Gate at Marche Regional Airport. The meeting is organised by Marche Region, project partner, with the support of SVIM Sviluppo Marche S.pA., the regional in-house company in charge of managing the project at international level and implementing its communication and dissemination activities. All project partners will attend the meeting: Region of Epirus (Greece), Province of Padua (Italy), Regional Development Agency of Dubrovnik, Neretva County – DUNEA (Croatia), Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency – SERDA (Bosnia & Herzegovina), and Municipality of Saranda (Albania). The project aim is to increase mobility in the participating regions for thematic tourism purposes, while at the same time promoting accessibility from one region / country to the other. This goal will be achieved through the development of a multilingual Web-GIS Platform that will improve the accessibility to information and services to tourism/cultural/natural resources and transport systems in the area.

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